Film『AISA』- Official Trailer (2019)
A film 『AISA』 (2019) Presented by Lost Pictures Ltd. Directed by Marco della Fonte Pianist, AISA – Aisa Ijiri Petrarca – Pietro Ragusa Laura – Kiera Morgan Music by Franz Liszt Performed by Aisa Ijiri Filmed in Pistoia, Italy (2018 )
Aisa Ijiri plays Prokofiev : Romeo & Juliet Op.75 "Mercutio"
“Tokyo International Piano Festival” presented by TIPA Piano Recital at the Kioi Hall, Tokyo on 8th October 2016
Aisa Ijiri plays Manuel de Falla: Fantasia Baetica
Manuel de Falla (1876-1946) : Fantasia Baetica Aisa Ijiri Piano Recital at ALTI Hall (Art Live Theatre International), Kyoto on 19th August 2012 Filmed by Studio N.A.T Ltd. Edited by Emily Taylor
Sakura - Aisa Ijiri and Llywelyn Ap Myrddin
Piano: Aisa Ijiri

Music: Llywelyn ap Myrddin Sakura is released on WWRecords…

Preludes : Aisa Ijiri & Llywelyn Ap Myrddin
'Until We Meet Again' | Martin Tillman and Aisa Ijiri | Classic FM Sessions
Such a beautiful, atmospheric sound. This is Martin Tillman’s ‘Until We Meet Again’, performed on the composer’s incredible electric cello alongside pianist Aisa Ijiri at Steinway Hall in London.
Aisa Ijiri plays Franz Liszt: Sonetto 47 del Petrarca
Franz Liszt : Tre sonetti di Petrarca (S.270) – Sonetto 47 – “Années de pèlerinage- Italie” Sonnet 47
Blest be the day, and blest the month and year, Season and hour and very moment blest, The lovely land and place where first possessed By two pure eyes I found me prisoner; And blest the first sweet pain, the first most dear, Which burnt my heart when Love came in as guest; And blest the bow, the shafts which shook my breast, And even the wounds which Love delivered there. Blest be the words and voices which filled grove And glen with echoes of my Lady’s name; The sighs, the tears, the fierce despair of love; And blest the sonnet-sources of my fame; And blest that thought of thoughts which is her own, Of her, her only, of herself alone!
Aisa Ijiri Piano Recital at Fairfield Hall, London on 9th October 2012 Filmed by Emily Taylor / Fabio Guglielmelli Sound recording by Evert Taihuttu
Aisa Ijiri & Milica Sekulić on Serbian TV
Two concert pianists Milica Sekulić and Aisa Ijiri were invited to Radio Television of Serbia “Nedeljom uveče” for a live performance and interview on 3rd February 2013 in Belgrade!
Filmed by Radio Television of Serbia (Serbian Broadcasting Corporation)
Edited by Emily Taylor Subtitle by Vedran Beader