With 15 years of professional experience of teaching, running the piano festivals and giving masterclasses in the UK, Europe, the USA, China and Japan, I am passionate about devoting my energy, knowledge and inspiration to children, young students and adult pianists who seek an outstanding piano education that is highly educational and enjoyable! 

Aisa’s Piano Course | London 
Aisa’s Piano Course is suitable for those who wish to improve their technical skills, artistry, musical interpretation and also who those who prepare for ABRSM exams, audition and competition. As an Artistic Director at the music festivals and Honorary Representative at the Royal College of Music, London, Aisa is also able to offer you the best guidance to you who pursue your professional career as a musician, teacher as well as an entrepreneur. 

Online Lessons

For busy professionals and students, Aisa is delighted to offer you the finest piano education available today from anywhere in the world. You can enjoy one to one online piano lessons via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime from your home!
To book face to face or online lesson with Aisa
Please leave your inquiry on aisa.ijiri@rcm.ac.uk